Give Hope!

In this Holiday Season, give the gift of healing and hope. 

Gifts for Sister Noemi's Leprosy Patients In this Holiday Season, give the gift of healing and hope

Sister Noemi works at St. Mary of Leuca Hospital in Madurai, India. In the Pudupatti Leprosy Home, she and other Leuca sisters care for 245 individuals affected by leprosy. These people need clothes, blankets, towels and the most necessary things for their day to day life.

"On Christmas Day 2013 we celebrated a beautiful day with all our families touched by leprosy. Please thank all the benefactors for their solidarity, love and concern to come forward to help our deprived patients. Sister Noemi.

P.-S. I am sending some pictures taken on Christmas Day."


Again in 2014, Leprosy Relief Canada needs your help to be able to provide clothes, blankets, towels and the most necessary things for their day to day life to poor families affected by leprosy.


Gifts for Leprosy Patients at Vadala Hospital

Vadala Hospital is providing free treatment, care and surgeries to people affected by leprosy. The small town of Vadala is located several hours drive from Mumbai, in India.

Like many hospitals associated with leprosy, it only just about manages to make ends meet. Doctors Prabhakar, the husband and wife who run it, work extremely hard for very long hours, supported by dedicated staff. The hospital gets the majority of its income from donations. For the rest, Vadala is raising its own funds.

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Leprosy Relief wants to increase its financial support to this center to provide a greater number of reconstructive surgeries. These surgeries restore hope to patients with disabilities. 

Thank you for your gift!

  enveloppeIn the mail  "Christmas is the time of the year to show solidarity by taking action to help the sick and the poor. Here is my first Christmas gift." A.M.

Every gift transforms the life of a person affected by leprosy.
Every gift helps break the vicious cycle of poverty.
Every gift to Leprosy Relief, large or small, makes a difference.
Every gift attests your commitment for a better world.

Words alone cannot express the significance of your gift for people affected by leprosy. I am very grateful for special friends like you whose love extends around the world, providing hope and healing to suffering individuals. Thank you!

Maryse Legault



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