Tuesday 12th May in the afternoon at about 12.50 pm Nepal time, another large earthquake measuring 7.3 occurred. It was centered near the district of Sindhuli, just north of Lalgadh. Thirty minutes later a second earthquake measuring 6.8 took place slightly further north.
A medical team in the field had a birds-eye view of some of the heartbreaking destruction being caused by the quakes. Many more houses were damaged, and some that were slightly damaged in the first quake were finished off by yesterday's earthquake.

DAHW, Leprosy Relief Canada's partner in Nepal, is working closely with its Nepalese associations. Shelters are already organized for older leprosy patients with disabilities. DAHW also cooperates on the border with Nepal in the north Indian state of Bihar. They built a clinic for refugees and provided care.

"We cannot be sure exactly how great the damages are at this time, and when we can resume the normal leprosy work," said Mr. Burkard Kömm, of DAHW. "Our medical teams are still very busy with emergency relief. That comes first! "


Many leprosy projects await our financial support:

Nepal: At the beginning of January 2015, we had budgeted to spend 35,000 euros for the Leprosy and Tuberculosis control program in the western and mid-western regions. They will now need much more.

Senegal: We will fund part of the National Leprosy Program.

Nicaragua: Consolidation and extension of the project for the Development of Health Capacities.

India: Support to three leprosy control program in different states.

Peru: Support to Canadian nuns working in the San Pablo de Loreto Leprosy Home.

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