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The COVID-19 pandemic is having a profound impact on the control and prevention of leprosy and the lives of people affected by the disease.

These individuals belong to the most vulnerable groups. They often have no stable income, limited access to drinking water, and are deprived of a safe home.

In Madagascar, Chad, India, and most of our projects, COVID-19 emergency teams sensitize communities to the symptoms and preventive measures against the virus. Your donations provide mobile hand-washing facilities and provide soap and disinfectants.

Active screening for new cases of leprosy is impossible almost everywhere, but with your help, we maintain the distribution of essential drugs and care to those diagnosed.

This health crisis is unprecedented and borderless! If you are able to help us, your donation today makes a difference for a lifetime.


From April 2020, our partners Amar Timalsina of IDEA Nepal, Mathias Duck of the ILEP Panel of People Affected by Leprosy, Alice Cruz, UN Special Rapporteur on the Elimination of Discrimination and Andie Tucker of the Global Partnership for Zero Leprosy, worked to identify the needs and challenges faced by people affected by leprosy by making hundreds of direct appeals to people in leprosy settings around the world. I had the opportunity to listen in on several conversations.

The advisory calls identified specific needs and challenges faced by affected people in light of the COVID-19 pandemic. The conversations revealed regional specificities, but many challenges and needs were shared across the world.

Access to health care: Access to health facilities is severely limited by transportation bans and containment that prevent people from reaching health facilities.

Access to fundamental goods: Persons affected are facing difficulty obtaining basic goods, especially food, clean water, and soap, which are critical to combat COVID-19.

Access to stable livelihoods: Persons affected often work as day laborers or running small shops, occupying jobs that are particularly vulnerable to economic instability. As a result, many persons affected are unable to work, and their ability to meet basic needs is in severe jeopardy. Governmental help is scarce.

Access to information: Health promotion information is reaching some persons affected, but others are difficult to inform due to travel restrictions, geography, or illiteracy.

Together, we are finding solutions to respond quickly to all the urgent needs of our patients and their families.

Maryse Legault, Executive Director


enveloppe"When I was in Vietnam, I visited some remote areas of Mekong Delta and met project staff with the Leprosy Relief program. They continue to bring happiness and a reassuring future for leprosy affected persons and their children." T.T.T.

enveloppe"Hope some of my donation can be use to help a child with leprosy." Father Veselko

enveloppe "I was always told that it's more fun to give than to receive, but I did not know that it also had a positive effect on health. I'm a living proof! Please accept my annual donation to reduce poverty in the world." L.C.P.

enveloppe"Christmas is the time of the year to show solidarity by taking action to help the sick and the poor. Here is my first Christmas gift." A.M.

enveloppe"I always promised our dear Lord Jesus that if I ever won anything I would give half to his beloved leprosy patients." Y.


Action Report for Donors June 2020

Every two months we publish a newsletter Action Report for Donors to inform you on our progress in the fight against diseases of poverty. You can read the latest copy by selecting the picture above.

We are so thankful for your support !


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